Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Holiday

Its either you're a student, or a teacher.

Then only you will be excited with summer holiday especially here in Malaysia.

That's the only time where you can go on holiday or travel with your partner without worrying  about big crowd.

Some people said that they're introvert, they get sick and nausea around big crowd. But me, I just hate people. I don't like people looking at me or trying to talk to me.

I will avoid human that's for sure.

Okay, get back to the topic.

So, I'm really not a fun person, I got ideas but normally I couldn't spit it out. I'm the kind that, whatever you like, I'll just join you.

Some people will call me lazy, afraid to give the ideas.

Well, I am the "WHATEVER" kind of person.

I may not talking much, but in my head, there's a lot of cursing going on while listening to the bullshit from everyone

Blame my resolution seven years ago,

I will not curse anymore....or less curse

I don't like to talk, but I like to listen. I'm terrible at giving advice.

I think I'm like a wall

I have no face expression while listening to your stories

I'm good at crying, is that a good thing?

I'm writing crap what

I need to figure out, what can I do during this summer break.