Tuesday, June 12, 2012

bila semangat hilang

next monday,2 paper.killer paper.berdoa semoga soalan sama seperti past year,berdoa agar tiada lecturer yg buat soalan pelik2 dan terlalu out of the box.cukup la dgn antenna yg macam ape..
semangat dah hilang,org lain da abes paper,tinggal 1 paper,paper gap jauh2.
hum,nak salahkan sapa lagi,kalau bukan diri sendiri.skrg,sgt x de mood.plg x de mood nak study utk subjek repeat.data and computer communication.banyak sangat membaca,aku bukan makhluk yg suka menghafal,aku baca dan faham.thats it.ak x reti hafal ayat yg tah ape dia carut ak x faham.masuk kelas dia mmg ak x pna faham pon.blajar dgn lecturer yg sama,mmg x berkembang ar otak aku ceritanya.
kenapa ak tulis post ni,sbb ak da give up.totally give up.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

review on TOAST

i dont listen to radio..regularly.only while I drive. So, yesterday I listened to RED.FM  online. They keep saying, win some tickets to watch a movie, Toast. Then I googled it. That movie was released on 2010. and we are in what year....Of course the movie can be downloaded already.
I downloaded it yesterday, and after a very (don't know how to express my feeling) paper,which is antenna and propagation,i watched this movie.
the movie was quite good actually, but if u want to go to the cinema, its not worth it.(I think)
The movie was like...a food..there's a lot of textures, feelings when u go through it till u finished it.
I laughed, I cried .Yes, I cried ( not sure whether the effect from the exam or the story is sad though). Its a family movie, not a loves story. sick mother, not a perfect one, not a good cook, cant even clean a house. she only makes toast(ye, dia pandai buat roti bakar je). breakfast,lunch,dinner, even supper.its quite fun when u see her trying to cook for her son.

the songs, I love them all.throughout the movie,the music makes the movie beautiful.

there's some gay part.actually, its not about the gay. Its about, do u have the courage to do it. Do u have the nerve. If u have, then u can do it. so, go Google it, and download it. Its a good movie.

Friday, June 1, 2012

cuba bawak bersyukur?

istighfar banyak2.
rezeki kau,aku, dia,semuanya dah ditentukan.
ape yang kau merungut,
ape yang kau membebel,
setidak-tidaknya Dia masih igt akan kau,
pernah kau ambek sedikit masa utk igt Dia?

kau tidak MATI akibat kebuluran,
kau tidak MATI kekeringan,
kau tinggal di MALAYSIA,
ada akal fikir,
jangan tolak rezeki.