Friday, October 5, 2012

im looking for peace

hello sepet!
da lama x merepek kan.
asyik drama je post kt sini.
why dont kite share some more interesting and important stories.....urm...but i dont give a damn care on whats going on in our country.everybody knows whats happening and i dont wanna mess my blog with al that....crap. working.THANK GOD I got an office job,its my first.before this,i just works as sales assistant in a few stores.This company is not a big company like ALL MY SUCCESSFUL FRIEND out there is working right now.*like I care*ur not gonna share ur CENTS with me,so what the damn la kan?I still earn, eventhough I cant go on holiday with my friends because I cant afford it, I still breathing right now with all my hands and legs which means I can earn my own money eventhough half a bread is better than nothing.itu pada mata aku.untuk yang dah bersenang lenang kt luar sana,bagusla,sbb kau x pernah merasa susah. what the la kan, aku ad life, aku ad life dan ak ad family.dan aku BAHAGIA. Hidup ni x lama, jadi, bawak-bawak la bertaubat wahai Faezah. mana tahu,balik kerje satg,ap jadi. dah la berblog time kerja.ish3.
I'm working with a consultant company.more on motivation and team leadership company.Its my first experience working in this kind of environment,so,good luck to myself.*I hate that good luck word,am I the only person who hate that word,phrase or whatever it is?*
how's the people here?damn kind.damn good.damn awesome.huh..over kan,i know.WHO CARES.

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