Thursday, June 7, 2012

review on TOAST

i dont listen to radio..regularly.only while I drive. So, yesterday I listened to RED.FM  online. They keep saying, win some tickets to watch a movie, Toast. Then I googled it. That movie was released on 2010. and we are in what year....Of course the movie can be downloaded already.
I downloaded it yesterday, and after a very (don't know how to express my feeling) paper,which is antenna and propagation,i watched this movie.
the movie was quite good actually, but if u want to go to the cinema, its not worth it.(I think)
The movie was like...a food..there's a lot of textures, feelings when u go through it till u finished it.
I laughed, I cried .Yes, I cried ( not sure whether the effect from the exam or the story is sad though). Its a family movie, not a loves story. sick mother, not a perfect one, not a good cook, cant even clean a house. she only makes toast(ye, dia pandai buat roti bakar je). breakfast,lunch,dinner, even supper.its quite fun when u see her trying to cook for her son.

the songs, I love them all.throughout the movie,the music makes the movie beautiful.

there's some gay part.actually, its not about the gay. Its about, do u have the courage to do it. Do u have the nerve. If u have, then u can do it. so, go Google it, and download it. Its a good movie.

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