Friday, November 23, 2012

eventhough the ratio is 1:1

I though that the sex ratio between men and women in this world is not 1:1.haish.that means, every one in these world suppose to have partners. But, when there are men marry to more than one women. that will be maybe short of 3 women...which may lead to...GAY issue.coz they took all the ladies!.hurm...

and when there are man who has heart broken..and promise himself will never be in love with women will reduce the number..and will cause..ANDARTU issues! oh my...well...I always have these kind of conversation with a girl friend. and we always talk about the same thing..why beatiful women mostly not married..maybe that song is true. " pretty girls are crazy" .I dont know.but one thing I am sure,Im not beautiful but still I am crazy.
Till we meet again! hugs.

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