Wednesday, April 18, 2012

there is a better way

when a baby cries, the people surround her will go comfort what she NEEDS.
when a kid fall from his bicycle, the mother will take care of the wounds,which is what he NEEDS.
when a teenager wants something, they asked to their parents.and the parents didnt give.why?
because it is not her is just what she WANTS.
and the rebelious daughter will start to PROTEST .
is protest is a good way of communication?
cant u say it nicely and politely to the person about what u want?
maybe u think that,even if I asked them nicely,they wouldnt give what I want.
cant it be GIVE AND TAKE ?

at least, u are the smarter one.u are the CIVILIZED one.u are the POLITE one.u are the one with the BRAIN.
yes,we asked for something because we dont have the capability to obtain it by ourself. thats why we asked. Dont ur loved ones teach, dont be rude to others eventhough they talk like shit to u?
Take it this way, eventhough I know that im not good in academics,but at least I dont protest.I try to learn.I try to accept the 'GIVE AND TAKE' condition.if u dont want to be fooled, dont take it.if u are not ready to accept the consequences in the future,dont take it.FIND ANOTHER OPTION.dont mocking around like u have no brain.

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